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Polly, Montel Williams and friends

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine Signs the 'Safe Kids Initiative' into Law

About us


While “It’s Not Your Fault” was founded on a need to react to a sexual abuse tragedy that affected the Polly Franks’ family the mission of this organization is intended to help everyone be more proactive in protecting their loved ones from sexual predators. The “It’s Not Your Fault” website provides resources to educate and safe guard our children and their surroundings additionally the “It’s not your fault” fund raising provides monies to help comfort those who have been affected by this most hideous crime.


Our Operation Fuzzy Ambassadors throughout the US not only help with fund raising, but also help comfort those in their area who need to be reminded that “It’s not your fault”; visiting hospitals and making deliveries of stuffed animals (or name the stuffed bear we get contract with) to the most precious victims.


The It’s Not Your Fault Advisory Board helps facilitate pertinent information via the It’s Not your Fault website with their articles and/or useful links to visit, but by also keeping the public informed of events and products that will be useful in the fight against sexual predators.