Be a hero to an abused child when he or she needs

you the very most.


Offering Comfort After Trauma


Let's face it. Nobody has a good time in the emergency room—ever. It can be a cold and scary place. Imagine you're a child going through the worst day of your life. That's why Operation Fuzzy is here. Designed by lead forensic nurse examiner Bonnie Price, R.N., Operation Fuzzy was created to comfort and treat survivors of childhood sexual abuse when they're brought into hospital emergency rooms. Stuffed animals provide an opportunity for the child to explain how and where they've been abused in a nonconfrontational way, and in turn allows the forensic nurse examiner a means of showing the child how and where he/she wil be examined.


These furry friends also provide comfort for the child during their hours-long examination and

interview process. Our "comfort kits" provide plain pads of drawing paper, along with crayons or markers—depending on the age of the child. These art supplies allow the children to give a

history of their trauma and abuse through art therapy. These drawings are often used by law enforcement in prosecuting the child's abuser. Drawing pads and crayons/markers are wrapped up in a child-themed pillowcase just like a present. All of these items are brand new and for the chld to keep. For $50 per child, you can make an immediate difference in someone's life—just when they need you the most.


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My name is Tina Muse, I am one of four Forensic Nurse Examiners at Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital in Rocky Mount, Virginia. We provide 24/7 coverage to victims of violence for both our pediatric and elderly populations and all ages in between. I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Polly Franks while attending my Pediatric Forensic Nursing Course in Richmond, Virginia, in January of 2008. She told a captivating story, one of which I cannot imagine having gone through.


Because of what she has endured, she is an advocate for children everywhere. I was introduced to her foundation in 2008. I was very interested in her program, "Operation Fuzzy." Operation Fuzzy consists of stuffed animals, pillow cases decorated in a child's theme (such as Spongebob), filled with drawing paper and crayons. Our pediatric patients enter a chaotic emergency department, on top of the trauma that they have already experienced. The Operation Fuzzy kits provide a comfort to them. I cannot tell you how much more comfortable they feel when you take their hand and let them pick out something special to them that was provided by "Operation Fuzzy." Their eyes light up and they are so appreciative. It makes them feel more comfortable. Many of the children have had something taken away from them, this helps them bring back some sense of security. Many of them have drawn pictures of thanks to the staff for helping them. Operation Fuzzy brings something special to our program. I cannot image our program without the help of "Operation Fuzzy."


Many thanks to Polly Franks and The Franks Foundation for all the hard work and diligence in the pursuit of advocating for the safety of our children!


-Tina Muse, RN, CTL, Forensic Nurse Examiner, Carilion Franklin Memorial Hostpital


“I demonstrated to ‘Sara’ what the check-up would be like using a stuffed animal that she picked out from the basket. ‘Sara’ hugged her stuffed animal through the entire exam. It made her feel calm. She asked at the end if she really got to keep it and take it home. When I said absolutely, she had the biggest smile ever!


My patient was having trouble talking about the abuse by her father. She just couldn’t say the words. I gave her a packet from Operation Fuzzy. She took out the pad of paper and crayons and started writing down the words she just couldn’t say.”


-Bonnie Price, R.N., Forensic Nurse Examiner, Bon Secours Hospital, Richmond, VA


Stephanie Hodges (L) and Tina Muse (R). Forensic nurse examiners at Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital in Rocky Mount, Virginia.